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8 months achieve ironworks of treasure steel branch effect 155 million
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This year, ironworks of treasure steel branch around increase resource integrated utilization rate developed technical innovation activity, obtain favorable result. Realized iron and steel to produce flow 2 times resource reclaims use enclothe completely, 1 come to reclaimed in August the quantity amounts to 1.18 million tons, achieve effect 155 million yuan.
Puddling produces the miscellaneous deputy material such as the dust of the generation in the process, mud, contain the useful element such as taller proportional iron, calcium. Miscellaneous to these deputy makings is carried out reclaim use, protect an environment already, resource conservation, brought economy and social benefit are tremendous. But suffer all sorts of elements to restrict, have quite miscellaneous deputy makings of the part is regarded as litter accumulation to fill bury processing, caused resources waste and environmental pollution.
In recent years, use the job to begin miscellaneous deputy makings to reclaim better, ironworks increase resource integrated utilization rate goes as carry out " nurturance of behavior of protective environment, resource conservation " efficient way of the activity, integrated benefit dosage rises ceaselessly, formed 6 patent, 19 technologies are secret.
This year, this factory increases integrated benefit to be spent forcibly, encourage employee to continue to reclaim around what increase resource 2 times use, develop the innovation activity of the formal diversity such as scientific research and own government. Ironworks employee undertakes be digginged adequately going to raw material field, combine characteristic of equipment, establishment, have air and mix to slimy cake, decrease jam and felt, study and sum up a technical secret " skill of operation of slimy cake processing " , the cake that it is mud is in of raw material field reclaim and use provided technical safeguard. 2 times in the light of blast furnace ash reclaims do not come on the reclaimer discharge that in using a process, appears, wave motion of composition of divide evenly mine is big wait for difficult problem, ironworks employee was begun " raise reclaimer exercise blast furnace 2 times the ability when grey work station " own government activity, found the ability when affecting a station 3 big advocate because of, make the problem gets be settlemented satisfactorily.
This year, the ironworks still was started " raise solid to waste use amount " 6 Xigema project, the project is right in mixing even mine burden, involve reclaim 13 when use 2 resource breed undertook systematization is analysed, found out restricted link, the measure that adopts seed profit operation tries to solve, make reclaim utilization rate raises 10 % above, only this one can achieve effect every year to even more 30 million yuan.

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