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Chinese aluminous course of study: 1.5 billion yuan of northeast build aluminium
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Reported on September 10, in extend much metal resource while, company of Chinese aluminous estate also is strengthened in respect of strong point aluminous industry extend. Yesterday, in aluminous east small company aluminium alloy board belt product line project held foundation stone laying ceremony, aluminium will open up in endowment 1.5 billion yuan make northeast aluminium machine base.
As we have learned, this project always invests many yuan 50, among them, construction investment is 4.1 billion yuan. Project by 50 thousand tons clement board product line with 150 thousand tons of board belts two parts form product line, construction dimensions is produce per year 200 thousand tons of aluminium alloy board strip, carry with national defence war industry, petro-chemical, traffic, machinery is made, the aluminium alloy that the industry place such as the building needs is thick board, compound strip is thin plate, bimetallic dominant product, be badly in need of for home market mostly, its are mid home of minute of product general fill is blank. The project is built period for 3 years, after building, will make east small company new old boy produces a line year sales revenue achieves many yuan 70, implementation profit tax is close 600 million yuan, profit 400 million multivariate.
Northeast light alloy is finite liability company has built a plant 56 years, it is a company of large aluminous treatment. Last year in September, in aluminium is contributive company of 1.2 billion yuan of finite to northeast light alloy liability undertook recombining. Xiao Yaqing of secretary of leading Party group of company of Chinese aluminous estate, general manager expressed yesterday, small company is medium east aluminium machines one of base in the 5 big aluminium of countrywide layout, it is company of treatment of the first aluminium magnesium of our country. To be perfected further in aluminium of aluminous company country machines strategic layout, aluminous ability decides to be in in east the aluminium alloy that light investment builds Gao Shuiping board belt product line project.
Current, aluminium is the whole world in business of production of the 2nd big alumina and whole world the 3rd electroanalysis greatly aluminous production business, in recent years, the company is passed build, extend, technical reformation and asset recombine wait for means, already early or late layout 5 old aluminous capable person machine southwest, southeast, Central Plains, northwest, northeast base.

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