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The aluminium that force develop drafts to undertake 2.6 million tons is produce
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Integrated dispatches from foreign news agency on September 10 message force develop (Rio Tinto Group) express those who make a few companies stopped aluminous yard to produce the abidance of cost to rise run, and the aluminium that force develop will plan to finish 2.6 million tons is produced can enlarge a project.
Force develop adds group of aluminous former unripe metal (Primary Metal For Rio Tinto Alcan) presiding archon Jacynthe Cote says: "What produce cost because of the sources of energy is rising, force develop is being used in research at present hydraulic undertake generating electricity with other technology. " the process that its weigh to force develop prepares to accelerate a project.
Robin Bhar of London metal analyst says: " wait for what country and region reduction of output plan to carry out because of China, of cost of together with production rise ceaselessly, gross of aluminous product of next year whole world will cannot satisfy market demand, and reach the likelihood 4960 dollars to price of aluminous 2011 ready money business / ton.
Relevant personage expresses: "In 5 years of in the past, china supplied deficit to make very large contribution for global aluminium, and the extend that this prevented other company on certain level, since China implements plan of reduction of output, and aluminous demand of the whole world did not decrease, so the yield of any companies can increase to be able to be welcomed. So the yield of any companies can increase to be able to be welcomed..
The Er of look radical Ye that the extend project that force develop considers at present includes to will be saved to be located in Quebec (Jonquiere) aluminous factory is produced per year can rise to invest counterpoint of 6 billion dollar 400 thousand tons to be carried out at Canadian smeltery with the plan on existing foundation produce.

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