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Robot of sand mold aluminous cast casts bolus to clear the system comes out Weie
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The spare parts of complex, nicety, tall additional cost is mixed to the technology of finishing equipment quality requirement always is taller. Weierbeilaite (group) offerred ROTO-JET RG 5/7 is full automatic the robot casts ball machine, apply Yu Sha aluminous cast successfully first clear.
This full automatic the robot casts ball machine to apply in gear case and hub of brake apply the brake (700mm 600mm of long, diameter, weight 50kg) cast bolus to clear, clear the time of a such gear case or hub of apply the brake is less than 1 minute.
Robot manipulator is in charge of entering gear case and hub of brake apply the brake the room that throw ball, and be in airtight the optimal fixed position in the room that throw ball, ensure each surfaces of the spare parts can clear clean. When set casts bolus program and specific handling time, use coupling and carry system and manipulator to be mixed suitably, such design lets manipulator have height flexible, can suit all sorts of complex reach nice spare parts to cast bolus to clear.

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