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Tube plate of forging of first nucleus report gives 2 heavy groups successfully
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A few days ago, from report of nucleus of company of 2 heavy groups production makes the spot transmit a good news, 2 weigh first nucleus report formal product -- nuclear power plant of red edge river tube plate of aircrew of 3# , 4# was passed smoothly on September 1 in wide nucleus and east are electric (Guangzhou) examine and verify of heavy-duty machine limited company is checked and accept, each parameter index is all and eligible. Of this product produced to pull open product of report of nucleus of company of 2 heavy groups to produce manufacturing big screen formally not only, more the mark is worn product of report of 2 heavy nucleuses already had overall production to make reach maintain supervisory ability character.
Nuclear power plant of red edge river tube plate of forging of aircrew of 3# , 4# is report of the first batch of nucleuses of company of 2 heavy groups formal product. Produce segment to make sure this product is produced each strict and controlled reach technical index to accord with RCCM standard, in production process of the technical preparation in a year many and production, quality ministry study is digested absorb nuclear report each respect knowledge, overcome time insecurity, undermanned, harmonious difficulty to wait for heavy difficulty greatly, undertook to tube plate whole journey is supervised, service, from smelt, forging, mechanical function heat treatment is installed to finish machining besmear, defend, all keep monitor and engineering technology file strictly character according to nuclear report, undertake pledging protecting supervisory reaching examine and verify, collect, collect is all record, report, examine its accuracy, integrality strictly, ensure the product accords with standard of code of national nucleus report, RCCM and buyer to purchase technical regulations. At the same time quality ministry is returned make for a short while completed report of group company nucleus formal product the first content is detailed, but date from sex is strong, normative whole finishing report, before getting not only, come acceptable of nuclear report experts consistent reputably, still offerred strong software smoothly to prop up through checking and accept for the product.

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