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Large and marine crankshaft is homebred change urge our country to " shipbuildin
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On July 25, 2008, dalian weighs group head to raise complete country to produce since heavy labour · change 70 model crankshaft is in company of Hua Rui crankshaft to get offline successfully, mix through British Lloyd's Register of Shipping Dalian is marine of diesel engine factory examine, this mark weighs a group to be in since heavy labour · large and marine crankshaft is homebred change on obtain new breakthrough.
Well-known, crankshaft is marine the crucial part of engine, coupling derv engine and airscrew transfer drive, be known as engine of 10 thousand tons of ship " heart " . And the crankshaft of marine and large diesel engine because weight demand of precision of big, treatment is high, production technology difficulty is very great, coming for years is Chinese shipbuilding industry all the time " soft costal region " , count an import for a long time. In last few years, develop quickly as world shipbuilding industry, large and marine crankshaft whole world demands exceeds supply, "One axis is begged hard " become our country to build ability of machine, shipbuilding to rise to develop with shipping industry " bottleneck " .
Problem extremely urgent, domestic numerous heterogeneous closes manufacturing company to try best to catch up, use only a few years short time was finished large and marine the development of crankshaft treatment facilities and processing technique develops the work. 2008 the beginning of the year, qingdao sea is versed in finite liability company, Wuhan is versed in casting forge company machines shipping engine to use large crankshaft with homebred machine tool early or late again again on the west, ended crankshaft of our country large ship to depend on the history of the entrance for a long time. The 3rd OK and own production is large after our country already also became Germany of the afterwards on the world and Japan the country of crankshaft treatment facilities.
Current, the world is marine crankshaft market demands exceeds supply, and industry of shipbuilding of body part whole world the China of posse team, right also large and marine crankshaft is having huge demand. The value of crankshaft is occupied marine motor total prices is worth 15% the left and right sides, of this product homebred change conduce to the cost that reduces Chinese boat look forward to, drive our country high-power marine the successful development of derv engine.
Believe as the technology accumulate and mature, hopeful of industry of our country shipbuilding is broken " one axis is begged hard " , the bottleneck of person of be enslaved to be enslaved to, drive China from " shipbuilding big country " to " shipbuilding powerful nation " stride.

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