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The company that stroke charcoal uses new technology new clothes to come true fu
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This year 1~7 month, liaoning specific power consumption of 10 thousand yuan of production value of finite liability company is element of charcoal of n of square big group coal of 1.6 tons of standards, dropped compared to the same period 3 percent. This company shares 9 graphitization furnace, they innovate through the technology this year, right among them 5 graphitization furnace undertook broaden is transformed, install rectification system at the same time all shed appearance, make sure transformer provides big electricity, after transforming not only every furnace increase production many tons 20, still shortened power transmission time. According to calculating, can reduce cost every year more than yuan 70. This company still throws 4 million yuan of executive equipment to transform, shape working procedure is new installed machine of Ramon of a 4R, tall dip working procedure is used homebred change vavuum pump to replace entrance pump, black lead electrode machined working procedure to increase a voluntary contact to machine a line, acquired numerical control is washed buckle lathe.
In addition, the company that stroke charcoal still uses gas anxious replace metallurgy anxious use at gas happening furnace, reduced gas manufacturing cost, only this one, purchase fund every year with respect to managing raw material 5 million yuan. Reducing a respect, investment of the company that stroke charcoal divides factory electric dust collector 4 million yuan to undertake transforming to roast, branch of classics environmental protection is checked and accept, flue gas achieved a country to discharge a standard, improved circumjacent environment. They invest what more than yuan of 40 opposite produces working procedure to receive dirt system to undertake updating, reduced dust pollution.

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