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Couplet is weighed in the division is successive 5 years selected " Chinese ente
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On August 30, hold from Ningxia Yinchuan " 500 strong companies of Chinese analysed a report to send height of large company of cloth and China to meet 2008 " upload come good news, couplet weighs Kerongdeng to just be announced in " 2008 China enterprise 500 strong " sheet of a list of names posted up ranks the 315th, relatively the rank rose 2007 113, with go up at first of a list of names posted up compared 2004, rise 155. So far, in couplet heavy division already entered line of business of pitch on state-owend enterprise 5 years continuously 500 strong. In the meantime, the company still judges pitch on in this selected " 2008 China create a company 500 strong " and " benefit of 2008 China enterprise 200 beautiful " .
"Chinese enterprise 500 strong " rank association of entrepreneur of meeting, China is chosen according to international convention and announce to the society by Chinese cartel, its authority gets orgnaization of domestic and international media, industry the extensive attention that wait. Begin from 2002 this year, "Chinese enterprise 500 strong " already was the 7th choose. Begin from 2005, association of entrepreneur of meeting, China returned Chinese cartel roll out enterprise of Chinese manufacturing industry 3 years continuously 500 mix by force company of Chinese service estate 500 strong. This year, chinese enterprise 500 be seleted a doorsill by force to be 9.31 billion yuan, relatively on year raised 2.1 billion yuan, with the world 500 strong difference narrow further.
This selected " Chinese enterprise 500 strong " Hunan enterprise shares 7, couplet weighs inflict business income to exceed 14.69 billion yuan outstanding achievement to rank the 315th in, rank in selected project machinery company the 2nd. Rank first what Hunan machinery creates a company again, highlighted the company's moderate management actual strength and powerful development momentum, heavy division of the couplet in making clear is forward inside project machinery industry " with 3, 5 years time accomplishs China the first, before entering the whole world with time of 10 years 10 " stride of strategic goal stride.

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