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Reproduction of concrete of complete bitumen of Liu De LZG15 is tasted praise fu
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On August 31, in Shanxi Yu second Liu De " equipment of second birth of concrete of LZG15 complete bitumen " building site, system of highway of the city in coming from Shanxi advance leads a honored guest many times 50 to arrive at spot view and emulate. The reworked material that place of equipment of a complete set of produces and makings of new finished product do not have a difference almost, manufacturing crop also reached specified level. Leader honored guest approachs equipment, watch carefully. In serious listen respectfully what my company explains personnel is detailed after explaining, ask for a data in succession, what take CD data to be grabbed entirely read one sky.
Reproduction of concrete of LZG15 complete bitumen is tasted, it is You Liude company and company of Korea the four seas' joint-stock Tianjin limited company of equipment of second birth of bitumen of golden land heart develops development. International of this product confluence is banner technology, combine Chinese national condition, make professional development, meticulously, own independent intellectual property, basically apply at one class the conserve of road surface construction such as road of the following highway, parking lot, village.
The characteristic with this the largest facility is resource conservation and protective environment. With production photograph of new pitch makings is compared, have stronger low cost dominant position, classics is right market research, produce makings of 1 ton of finished product to need 50-80 only yuan, manufacturing 2000-3000 ton makings can call in total cost; The application of technology of bitumen second birth, can realize old bitumen to expect 100 % complete second birth is used, prevent bitumen concrete flotsam to reach the pollution of its periphery environment to discard place, pass the exploitation that reduces stone at the same time, can protect forest land effectively, safeguard natural landscape and zoology environment.
Since appearing on the market at the beginning of 2007, save work off in Shanxi continuously 3. Feebleminded bad news, efficient, low investment, tall redound, the accord that remarkable integral performance wins a client reputably. Realize bitumen old stuff especially all second birth, solved bitumen effectively to reclaim the second birth difficult issue of makings and environmental pollution problem, "Become useless to be treasure " , created bigger economic benefits and social benefit for the user, highway conserve territory is visited in Shanxi, caused bigger echo.
The Yu that already used this device nearly one year second Gu Duan of fair a section of a highway is long, gave very high opinion to equipment, weighed this equipment to produce main effect in project of its highway conserve, managing a large number of cost, created taller economic benefits, got accordingly ranking commend ceremoniously.

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