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31 RSC45 - condole of 5M container front picks laurel of two science and technol
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A few days ago, 31 " development of research of engine of swing of RSC45-5M container front and application " the project picks the laurel of achievement of two science and technology that took Hunan Province and the Changsha City -- " Hunan Province is mechanical first prize of industrial science and technology " , " first prize of progress of technology of the Changsha City " .
RSC45-5M container front as string of 1 in July 2004 project approving research and development, get offline successfully in October 2005, it is first product of domestic that has own intellectual property. Front of 31 RSC45-5M container as string of 1 come out fill the blank of technology of condole of domestic container front.
Condole of RSC45-5M container front is had " cab of dynamical movable type " , " machine of container front swing is prevented tipping orgnaization " , " dynamical movable type deserves to weigh " , " inside exhaust of buy type engine " and " contrail of openly condole motion is controlled " wait for multinomial and patent technology, operation eye shot is big, fight tipping ability box of strong, condole is convenient, via the appraisal of expert group, the technical level of the product and integral performance achieve international advanced level.
Current, this product is being declared " award of science and technology of Chinese mechanical industry " and " award of national emphasis new product " .

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