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Lasting force forklift is an user only custom-built hand uses tray car
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Hold turning in the palm besides the standard, lasting force still can need to offer low noise, dismountable, stainless steel or the hand of a variety of version such as half stainless steel to use tray car according to the user.
The hand moves lasting force AM2200 tray car suits stone's throw hand to move carriage goods very much. This tray car can be carried easily heft 2, the article of 200kg. Because use human body labour to learn to design, habitual left hand or the person that the right hand handles easily single hand operation, already safe relaxed.
Choose after deserving to move litre of function quickly, need 3 times to press pump to be able to lift the tray that hefts 120kg only from the ground. Because its front is narrow small, AM2200 also can be operated neatly in extremely narrow work environment.
Lasting force hand moves tray car to be able to reduce the working noise of 50%
Hold turning in the palm besides the standard, lasting force still rolled out low noise hand to use tray car. "Leave to need car of this kind of tray particularly in the food store of residential area or beverage market " , lasting force hand moves Sebastian Huther of manager of tray car product to explain. Retail trade grows because of business hours, customer behavior each different, and frequent content sheds demand to shed equipment to also have new requirement to content. Huther expresses: "Traditional tray car goes on cobble road surface the noise of the generation when sailing can cause very great worry to the dweller around! " what reach load according to travel road surface is different, the scope that AM2200 reduces noise also each different, highest can reduce the working noise of 50% .
"The shop uses car of low noise tray to still can raise client satisfaction effectively to spend when carry goods " , huther continues say. Besides fall commonly design of a confusion of voices, AM2200 still used wheel of bearing lining, low noise and special sound insulation to fill up aggrandizement to fall effect of a confusion of voices.
Dismountable the hand uses tray car, convenient car carry is defeated
AM20t is eternity of a new idea force hand uses tray car, have extremely tall maneuverability and flexibility. This tray car can disassemble inside several seconds two parts, each make an appointment with 30kg again, can be carried by single person or the other vehicle such as car is carried. This car jacket has special handle, convenient carry.
All and main characteristic that this tray car has traditional lasting force hand to use tray car: The tray car that with its he cannot disassemble is same, its wheel and joint place all use the bearing lining of plating chromium, and these joint place need not lubricate maintain, service life is longer.
Lasting power company carries equipment to make in stock, storage and content shed engineering field to be in world banner standing, already became content of type of production to shed service provider now, can provide system of whole set forklift, goods shelves for the client, service limits covers whole and internal matter to flow. Lasting power company held water 1953, headquarters is located in German hamburger. Company stock can be in an any Germany now card hands in place to trade.
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