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Japanese steelworks is banner in buying branch of Brazilian CSN iron ore to bid
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Company of iron of new day of production business of Japanese iron and steel (Nippon Steel) bidding with JFESteel buy company of metallurgy of Brazilian country black (CSN, companhia Siderurgica Nacional) precede in the share of iron ore branch.
According to Brazil Aisidaduo news agency (Estado News Agency) 8 days of reports, CSN of 8 the beginning of the year expresses to hope to sell the share of branch of Nacional Minerios iron ore. CSN reckons the value of this branch arrives in 7 billion dollar between 11 billion dollar.
Bid the program is in the 2nd phase at present, these companies predict to will undertake associated quote. CSN ever expressed to hope to the end of September the share that finish sells before.
Besides new day iron and JFE, company of Er of tower of An Saile rice (ArcelorMittal) with company of tower tower iron and steel (TataSteel) also be the person that powerful contest is bought.
Mining industry assets increases increasingly to the appeal of steely enterprise, because iron ore rises in price,cause a series of perpendicular conformity. Brazil has the iron ore of high quality and large-scale reserve, attract steely business especially.
The iron ore branch of CSN produces about 14 million tons iron ore every year at present, have about 3 billion tons reserve. This branch is in Minas Gerais operation a few iron ore, include the carriage of railroad and dock.
The share price of CSN is in 8 days afternoon in trading, drop considerably.

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