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Price of willow steel share adjusted information on September 8
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Liu Gang was in on September 8, 2008 " producer price of variety of willow steel part adjusted information on August 19 " producer price adjusts to partial breed on the foundation:
1, reduce 300 yuan to medium plate producer price / ton, boat board reduces 200 yuan / ton, show the Q235 inside the area price of list of watch of general board 14-20mm is 6470 yuan / ton, Q345 is low price of list of watch of alloy board 14-20mm is 6670 yuan / ton, CCSA boat board price of 14-20mm watch list is 7500 yuan / ton;
2, reduce 300 yuan to profile producer price / ton, show channel of 8-22 # GB to express a price to be 5410 yuan / ton, 8-10#Q235 angle iron is 5440 yuan / ton.
Above all is contain tax, executive date rises from September 8, 2008.

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