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Hua Chenhua connects 2LTLZ60 to spread out shop machine obtains national emphasi
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Limited company of machinery of face of Zhenjiang Hua Chenhua access is own of research and development " China connect " machine of shop of booth of card 2LTLZ60 bitumen, was maintained to be national emphasis new product by ministry of science and technology a few days ago.
With leading our country to build machine of maintain a road the product innovates and the industry upgrades for oneself the Hua Chenhua that allow tells a company, long-term since hold to " science and technology of industrialization of science and technology, industry is changed " the strategy, implement product innovation project through exert oneself, point skill of world forward position, adopt a variety of techniques such as compositive innovation, outspread innovation, grafting innovation innovation act, the owns own intellectual property, own brand high-tech content that develops development to give large quantities of one domestic and international markets to be badly in need of is large build machinery of maintain a road to be tasted newly. Be maintained this to be machine of shop of booth of the 2LTLZ60 of national emphasis new product bitumen, it is this company is in digest absorb base of cream of technology of foreign advanced type to go up, innovation design, use low pressure wide base technology of drive of double platoon tire and hydraulic pressure are outspread iron smooth, automatic make level, fuel heats wait for an advanced technique, the sexual price of own research and development spreads engine model than admirable high quality booth, it is technical innovation and the classic that the market combines.
This product owns multinomial and patent technology and own intellectual property, be maintained to be Jiangsu to save product of new and high technology, save new product appraisal through Jiangsu, had the honor to win the whole nation to build machine last year " user satisfaction product " title, win first prize of progress of Zhenjiang city science and technology recently, a few days ago, this company already sold machine of shop of 2LTLZ60 bitumen booth many 200, export country and the area such as middle east, South America, Africa, become domestic and international market to sell window greatly.

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