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Manufacturer of the largest rescuing equipment is in the whole world China creat
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Recently, the world's greatest high pressure hydraulic pressure comes to help equipment manufacturer -- horse of Dutch carry on one's shoulder comes to help especially equipment limited company established first China delegate to be in in Shanghai. This means horse of carry on one's shoulder to will establish a professional group to serve technically especially at Chinese user, grow in order to satisfy China to the demand of high quality rescuing equipment. Delegate place sets sale and market center, and maintenance center also will act as important part, after it will offer a product to make work, be safeguarded and the technology grooms wait for a service.
Horse of carry on one's shoulder comes to help especially the product is used extensively by rescuing group of the whole world, obtained very high opinion. This company sets manufacturing shop in Holand and United States, the fire department that is world each district, rescuing group, army, naval, air force and civilian prevent army to supply all sorts of rescuing equipment. The spirit of enterprise that pursues innovation all the time makes horse of carry on one's shoulder created 18 worlds to invent especially. Horse of carry on one's shoulder is system of revolutionary single pipe CORE and the contriver of 4000 series rescuing tool especially, latter has multinomial and distinctive function, include I-Bolt of illume of compositive type LED, compositive type central bolt structure and the gearshift a powerful person that are used at developing a tool quickly.
Nowadays, the user amount that product of Matt of carry on one's shoulder is in China is swift and violent increase. It is with bureau of Beijing fire control exemple, to give Beijing Olympic Games prepared 2008, all their rescuing equipment come from Matt of carry on one's shoulder. Be in China, the rescuing branch such as rescuing group of bureau of earthquake of the fire department that this company still is many province, China, mining provides a service. It is in earthquake of plain of short of Wenshui River, horse of carry on one's shoulder comes to help especially the product is saved to act with Yu Yuan by many rescuing groups widely.

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