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Market of 2011 motion sensor will amount to 11 billion dollar
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As the success of the IPhone of Wii sport plane of Ren Tiantang and malic company, the confidence of applied latent capacity that chip manufacturer begins to pass feeling chip to go up in portable tool to motion soars.
Desk of Taiwan chip business accumulates report (TSMC) in quote report of an independent research says, use accelerometer sensor will detect microelectronics machine system of motion (MEMS) equipment, its market sale will amount to 7.3 billion dollar this year, will amount to 11 billion dollar 2011.
Suo Ni company also entered athletic chip market, the player of egg form Rolly MP3 of this company can turn through coming back the player will adjust volume.
These chip pass the harmony between miniature gyroscope and accelerometer, detect the size of acceleration and direction, the IPhone mobile phone that allows an apple thereby rotates shows picture, and the player has game through brandishing the controller on Wii sport plane comes.
Current MEMS chip basically is produced by meaning law semiconductor and Xiang Ping fruit, Ren Tiantang, fly apparatus of state of the Er that think of card, heart and HP for goods.
With dollar computation, MEMS market is opposite at those at every turn year the company of billions of dollar remains income negligible, but its growth potential is inestimable. TSMC predicts the total sales of semiconductor market is 280 billion dollar this year, increase rate is 4% , and year of increase rate of MEMS 3 times will be whole market increase rate.
Chip manufacturer is facing the problem of current memory and logistic chip slow down in demand, and increasing athletic sensor device is used on public marketplace small parts of an apparatus, be like mobile phone and musical player, will offer an opportunity that increases a sale for chip company.
Can go up in the year technology peak of TSMC5 month, this company has MEMS fixed position one of technologies of foreground most for future.
ISuppli analyst Richard Dixon says, "TSMC these year will seeking an opportunity all the time, believe now is the optimal opportunity that MEMS uses on consumer electron and mobile phone. Believe now is the optimal opportunity that MEMS uses on consumer electron and mobile phone..
"IPhone uses athletic sensor successfully in exciting indication means. This successful precedent will make manufacturer people will compete each other through similar function, thereby MEMS mobile phone be able to rapid dilate. Thereby MEMS mobile phone be able to rapid dilate..
Taiwan Topology studies the company says, TSMC has begun to make MEMS chip for ADI acting labour, and this part business will be occupied 10% of all this year income, predicting future 2-3 inside year, this scale will grow 20% .
The competitor of TSMC, couplet China electron (UMC) also be in according to saying to begin to prepare the end of the year or next year supply similar chip this year, nevertheless this company rejects to publish a comment with respect to this matter.
The Dixon of ISuppli says, the source of traditional and main income of MEMS supplier is automobile industry, had achieved now produce can the limit, a lot of suppliers choose to upgrade production technology, flexibly law semiconductor and fly think of Carl, also some of company begins the bag outside will be being produced.
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