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Solar cell price will reduce 40% above 2010
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Monitor institute and Prometheus institute to forecast according to American folk brain trust, world, to 2010 solar cell price will reduce 40% above, become basically generate electricity method. Market of world solar cell rose 6 at high speed later 2000 times, nearly 50% grow than the year before last year in single 2006 time. So far, germany and Japan become market center, henceforth will be Spain and United States. Inadequacy of silicon raw material uses several years of time can be solved probably, at present a lot of manufacturer already undertook reducing the production of cost, predict to be able to reduce 40% above to 2010.
Be not worth as a result of silicon raw material and rise in price, promoted efficient the technology of use silicon and the development that be not brilliant or are not silicon film to fasten solar cell, can reduce cost according to forecasting. Filmy solar cell already was caused " Silicon Valley " the attention that ties adventurous capital, the producer formula that uses the petty gain that differs with existing method is expected to furnish in great quantities. Findings report thinks, be in not far in the future, solar cell can compete adequately with price of existing electric power.

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