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With governmental head buys force to hold out home products legal system to chan
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All previous government that diffuses from smoke of gunpowder purchases an agreement (GPA of the following abbreviation) in light of negotiation process, the GPA bilateral negotiation of any countries won't be finished easily, this is destined is a labyrinthian and long Bo Yizhi way. Insist to add element with the attitude of a developing country with " wealthy person club " celebrated GPA, how should Chinese government prepare for war after all?
Reasonable protocol gives valence detailed account, accelerate our country government to purchase legal system to change a process to become the consensus of the expert inside numerous course of study almost.
Detailed list of reasonable protocol bid is crucial
In the GPA bid detailed list that presents first in Chinese government, 14 50 central ministries and commissions such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Xinhua News Agency institutions central are in awesomely row, and the state-owned company that GPA member country cares most and local government were not brought into among them. Refer opens rate this relative to the smallest bade detailed account, trade of former state classics appoint deputy secretary-general Yi Hui expresses to understand completely. Look in him, undertake to domestic industry fractionize is mixed accurate evaluate, the government that accords with Chinese national condition in the protocol on this foundation purchases bid detailed list is the key that negotiation of our country GPA gains a success.
Yi Hui thinks, henceforth inside a paragraph of period, domestic industry can divide roughly for 3 kinds of types: It is the industry that has opposite competition advantage, include textile, dress, dress, silk, handicraft to taste, shoe kind, box bag, television, freezer, air conditioning implement, small-sized mechanical and electrical products, these industries are the main force of our country export trade, its product has larger competitive dominant position in the international market.
2 it is to have stronger material and technical base, but with abroad strong company posture is compared, still put in the industry of bigger difference, such as Electromechanical, petrifaction and metallurgy, the scale of production of these industries is before house of rank of course of study of international person of the same trade, its product owns larger share in home market, but its technology level still is put in larger promotion space, be like mechanical industry on behalf of the industry, include the large whole set of equipment such as electric power, mine, oil, petrifaction and appearance of high accuracy instrument to wait on behalf of the product.
The 3 burgeoning industries that are the property that develops opposite lag and partial emerge in large numbers, the competitive ability of these industries is weaker, product batch puts in the market or have not be in the trial production phase that is about to break through somewhat.
Courtyard of law of university of central finance and economics teachs Cao Fuguo to think likewise, the assessment that China does to joining the cost of GPA and accrual place, should consider to plan to open a branch to be mixed potentially already in fact economy (value) quits, want the effect that the society that balance GPA is carrying out to our country, economy and trade policy cause again.
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