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Need and need develop CEO says investor supports animosity to buy force develop
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When value of product of global metal mine drops in the round, need and need develop and force develop tycoon of this two big mining industry with respect to two develop amalgamative case still is in give tit for tat. Yesterday, need and need develop CEO Gao Ruisai expresses, commodity price fall and global economy put delay to will make investor support pair of force develop value the animosity of 121.5 billion dollar is bought. And say in the letter that force develop president gives shareholder one day afore, to 2015, the growing foreground of force develop wants to excel needs and need develop.
Gao Ruisai says, partner may welcome to be bought this, because be mixed surely,need develop has higher yield and inferior indebted level, in the meantime, because commodity price drops, predict cost of economic 3.7 billion dollar is more significant also. He hopes to need and need develop makes the biggest copper on the world and aluminous production trade, the fresh water river valley that replaces Brazil becomes the biggest iron ore supplier. If investor hopes to trade, so, economy jumps over aggravation to be helpful for be being bought this more, the market is already at present clear buy trading is advantageous.
Before this, force develop rejected what need and need develop puts forward to exchange share of develop of a force with 3.4 buy quoted price, to this, force pictures states quote underestimated the asset of the company and development prospect. Force develop reiterates its are overruled 8 days come from need and need the animosity of develop is bought want to make an appointment with, weigh this company to the kinetic energy before 2015 and growth foreground excel need and need develop.
Si Jinna of force develop president says in a letter that sends shareholder, "Force develop needs in the kinetic energy before 2015 and growth foreground excel and need develop. " need and need develop needs European Union committee (European Commission) approves this company buy want to make an appointment with, and be given out not formally still buy want to make an appointment with, the ability below the case that just announces to be accorded with in a lot of premise conditions so do. He expresses, these premise conditions may need ability of a few months to satisfy, cannot satisfy possibly even. Force pictures shows, the demand of important to this company product is in unprecedented level, the drive that basically is grown quickly by China and economy of other developing country, the likelihood is in the demand of important to these product to did not come 15 years varus time.
Current, need and need develop buys force develop one case already to beautiful, Ou Jizhong country inside the report that many countries superintend an orgnaization to hand over relevant application to approve, the European Union already lengthened what apply for to its to examine and approve deadline, and Chinese Department of Commerce is undertaking relevant examine, association of Chinese iron and steel industry already expressed clearly to object two develop incorporating to Department of Commerce.
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