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Force of bend of county of Yi Li new cause makes Xinjiang wall of the 2nd steel
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Yi plows He Xingyuan of company of steely and finite liability company of steely and industrial finite liability is the steely business with Yi Li main river valley, since this year, two enterprises already threw 900 million yuan, entering equipment installation to debug level at present, in September the middle ten days of a month, the iron and steel that promote a cause is industrial and finite liability company will yield steel of the first furnace, so far the history that Yi plows river valley to be as long as 50 years to iron does not have steel will be adapted thoroughly. Two enterprises plan to invest 2.7 billion yuan of ability that finish to revise extend project before 2010.
Mineral products of new cause county is resourceful, already ascertain iron reserves is 200 million tons, contain iron quantity on average to amount to 58% , exploitation grade 63% , highest can amount to 75% . This county begins to develop property of smelt metal iron from 1958, all previous classics was mixed 1978 1986 two technical reformation, but because technical condition is not had,wait for a reason not by force with economic actual strength, fail to produce the rolled steel that gives oneself and series product all the time. Since 2005, this county is driven through policy, the project is driven, capital plays the way that change, the extend that accelerated steely industry and ability change upgrade pace.
Basis " industry of iron and steel of new cause county grows 2008 ― to planned 2010 " , begin from this year by 2010, yi plows He Xingyuan of company of steely and finite liability two large steely companies of company of steely and industrial finite liability will form those who produce per year 3.5 million tons of steel and 3.5 million tons of iron to produce can. This county still makes full use of the enterprise such as advantage resource and limited company of group of Shandong auspicious nation signs an industry to transfer investment project, make the cast iron of this county collect, steel-making, agglomeration, steely industry chain that exceeds fine pink, building materials to be an organic whole gets ceaseless and outspread. Group of Shandong auspicious nation and the iron essence pink that golden source ore dressing plant invests 100 million yuan respectively process a project, the iron essence pink that will form 1.1 million tons process capability. Current, golden source ore dressing plant already invested 60 million yuan, introduce line of the whole nation's most advanced 5 strong magnetic separation to already threw production; Group of Shandong auspicious nation already invested 20 million yuan, 1000 tons iron essence pink processes day processing raw material put into production of product line end of this month, round product line of ball of the end of the year is formal operation.
On September 2, the author plows ability of first phase of company of steely and finite liability to revise extend project in Yi see on building site, workers are making the best of time construction. First phase builds project total floor area to make an appointment with 10610 square metre, blast furnace system, shaft furnace system, agglomeration system, converter steel-making system, steel rolling system and the auxiliary and public facilities that produce establishment form a complete set with main body are intensifying building, will at go into operation will building before the bottom in June 2010. 1.3 million tons of 1.5 million tons of 1.7 million tons of cast iron, steel, material will be formed after put into production (wire, great ability and small-sized material) the productivity with 1 million tons of coke, predict year of sale gross earnings 5 billion yuan, realize taxes 1.5 billion yuan, profit after tax 2 billion yuan, can arrange obtain employment post 1000 people of 800 ―, drive the development of circumjacent and relevant industry at the same time, promote the rapid development of local economy. First phase project is amounted to postpartum, yi plows company of steely and finite liability to plan to be used at ability to change project total investment to will break through 3 billion yuan to the end of 2012, form the scale of production that produces per year 3.6 million tons of 2.4 million tons of iron, steel, build amount to produce business income of the year after next to be 8.5 billion yuan, year hand in taxes 1.8 billion yuan.
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