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Head of igneous electromotive force is not decreased be defeated by distribution
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The ceaseless violent wind that is coal price on one hand rises, be macroscopical economy on one hand take situation hasten delay, the data first half of the year indicates countrywide electricenergy production add fast had put delay, and be in meanwhile, be defeated change report each child the scene bearing of the industry is rising however.
Stability grows first half of the year
Data of statistic of net of the classics in the basis shows, the sales revenue of industry of facilities of power of before 2008 5 months grows 29.05 % compared to the same period, profit total grows compared to the same period achieve 33.63 % , continue to maintain rapid growth. Main child distribution and case of control equipment manufacturing industry lose in the industry best, implementation income grows 30.84 % compared to the same period, profit total grows 50.73 % compared to the same period, and electric machinery and boiler generate electricity equipment is added fast decelerate.
From the point of whole of power facilities industry, 8 years ago 5 months, level of wool interest rate continues small glide. The raw material of power facilities basically is the metal such as rolled steel, copper, aluminium. Rolled steel is in in waiting for facility cost to form, boiler, turbine, dynamo is occupied than amounting to 50 % - 80 % , steel price rises considerably equipment is made brought increase cost pressure. The main raw material of cable of the transformer in be defeated by distribution facilities, switch, wire is orientaton silicon steel, copper, aluminous, the value is at present basic look forward to is firm, pressure is reduced somewhat. Basic look forward to is firm pick up somewhat child the industry has electric machinery, be defeated by cable of distribution and control equipment, wire, and because rolled steel proportion is the largest,boiler and prime mover are made, wool interest rate has compared to the same period relatively drop substantially.
Head of igneous electromotive force is not decreased
According to data of national statistic bureau, generated electricity first half of the year 2008 equipment crop sixty-two million four hundred and thirty thousand seven hundred kilowatt, grow 10.1 % compared to the same period. Because igneous phone equipment is added fast drop considerably, generate electricity equipment already high speed of a few years grew progressively regression steadily once upon a time, appeared to rise rate inflection point apparently. But we predict future generates electricity of equipment periodic not very strong, because besides add outfit machine newly to grow steadily beyond, close stop little fire report to still need to build big unit to make up for, on certain level gently the industry is periodic.
Be defeated by distribution industry boom
Infrastructure of countrywide electric power invested five hundred and forty-nine billion two hundred and ninety-one million yuan 2007 in, infrastructure of electrified wire netting invests two hundred and forty-five billion one hundred and forty-one million yuan, grow 17.1 % compared to the same period. Electrified wire netting invests the proportion that holds electric power investment to rise to 44.63 % of 7 years by 31.1 % of 5 years, electrified wire netting invests the situation that lags behind at electric power investment to be being changed stage by stage.
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