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Bottleneck of breakthrough numerical control needs to realize scroll component i
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Production of industry of component of function of our country scroll is not centered, product breed is onefold, contain Troy on the low side, still do not have in the world the well-known trademark of influential force, already became the bottleneck that machine tool of homebred numerical control develops. Accordingly, accelerate industrialization of component of function of scroll of implementation our country very be necessary.
Roll functional part product includes: Ball guide screw deputy, scroll is linear slideway is guide-post bushing of spline of deputy, ball, ball, linear workbench of athletic component, coordinate, lock up oneself implement etc. They with " scroll " for the feature, have efficient province can, accurate and exact location, oriented, fast to CNC instruction reaction and the function such as the high speed sex of transmission, synchronous sex, reversibility, it is the crucial form a complete set that numerical control machine tool and Electromechanical unifinication product cannot replace, also be the main base component that accords with concept of 21 centuries zoology, environmental protection. Although the product is small, compositive however a lot of crucial technologies that accurate component makes. Because rate of their standardization, seriation, generalization is very high, have broad market again, very be helpful for an organization specializationing big batch production.
Trade current situation
At present company of production of component of function of our country scroll has 50 (do not contain Taiwan to save) , academy place, college in all 3, the company is affiliated research organization 3. Among them, the business that produces ball guide screw has 48, annual produce can amount to 650 million yuan; Production rolls the enterprise of linear slideway has 6 (among them 4 produce ball guide screw at the same time) , annual produce can amount to 150 million yuan. In 50 enterprises, scale of production big, tooling the enterprise with big, much breed has more all ready, yield 6, dimensions of enterprise of the others majority small, crop breed of not tall, product is onefold.
Component of homebred scroll function already applied at many domains in equipment manufacturing industry: Come on " wind and cloud 2 " facilities of installation of gearing of space of system of control and guide of satellite, missile, capsule, radar, airport, traffic of equipment of industry of machine tool, IT, metallurgy, railroad, nuclear power plant, plastic machinery, medical apparatus and instruments accuses to wait to of all kinds number below.
Look from global limits, although industry of component of function of our country scroll is the country with mill most business, but production is not centered, distributing unreasonable, total output and production value are not high, outside the partial product that removes company of backbone of a few key is achieved or approaching foreign level, most enterprise can be produced only in cheap product, and breed is onefold, contain Troy on the low side, still do not have up to now in the world the well-known trademark of influential force, still appear on the market without company.
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