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Sword of couplet, 31 in pairs shows government of one billion two hundred and fi
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On September 9, couplet weighs division, 31 heavy labour to announce at the same time in, will be in future 4 - 7 years, realize year of sales revenue to pass 100 billion, industry of machinery of project of group of ascend one's life experience 10 strong targets. Mei Ke of vice secretary of Hunan provincial Party committee protects rate province to concern sectional chief to handle official bussiness to business scene with the the Changsha City continuously, the requirement supports an enterprise to develop with all one's strength.
In recent years, advance rapidly of industry of machinery of Hunan Province project, intelligence of heavy division of the couplet in going out with respect to emerge in large numbers in provincial capital Changsha, 31 heavy labour, the land of country appears on the market 3 times company. Last year, couplet heavy division achieves sales revenue in 14.59 billion yuan, profit 1.7 billion yuan; This year first half of the year, company sales revenue achieves 10.5 billion yuan, relatively the corresponding period grew 62.6%% last year; Realize gain 1.24 billion yuan, relatively the corresponding period grew 56.4%% last year. Predict achievable this year sales revenue 26 billion yuan, profit breaks through 2.3 billion yuan. President Zhan Chun is new announce, company general according to " specialization, share is changed, internationalization " train of thought, accelerate the globalization process of the enterprise, come true from " fission " to " fusion " leap, to the front of 2015, make the sales revenue of the company exceeds 100 billion yuan, profit tax exceeds 15 billion yuan.
31 heavy labour achieved sales revenue last year 13.5 billion yuan, 1-8 month sale grows 69%% compared to the same period this year, achieve 14.2 billion yuan, predict to be able to achieve sale this year 23 billion yuan of above. President bridge firm root introduces, develop a program according to the enterprise, company sales revenue will break through 100 billion yuan 2012. To achieve this one goal, and other places of hill of the 31 Shanghai in home, Shenyang, Beijing, elder brother, and investment of abroad United States, Germany, India is built or area of extend industry garden, plan the total investment that 2009 the bottom completes 15 billion yuan, new increase production can 30 billion yuan, make always be produced can achieve 60 billion yuan.
Mei Ke is protected point out, advance Hunan quickly of large company of pattern of aircraft carrier of new-style industrialized need prop up and drive, need is bred and make super industry. The development of industry of machinery of Hunan Province project has good foundation and wide perspective, couplet heavy division is mixed in 31 heavy labour announce to march at the same time one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two targets, it is a milepost that industry of machinery of Hunan Province project grows. The government concerns sectional general according to the advantage preferential, help actor up to support strong principle, around one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two targets, main support company grows. Meanwhile, enterprise itself needs to do good industry to develop a program further, extend product structure actively; Catch good industry form a complete set, play drives radiant energy force; Development international market, strengthen market financing; Stress own innovation, forward position of science and technology of world of race to control.
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