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Valve of equipment of phone of our country nucleus is homebred change advancing
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Improve as the 2 generation such as red edge river, Ning De model the start working of nuclear cable project is built and the report of 3 acting nucleuses such as this world of 3 the door, seas digests those who absorb the job to spread out after transfer of technology, nuclear phone equipment is homebred change the job to had entered materiality phase. In the country development is reformed appoint the organization is harmonious below, joint Industry Conference coordinates Chinese machinery actively, equipment manufacturing industry and joint efforts of concerned owner unit, nuclear phone equipment is homebred change the job to have apparent progress again of late.
One, a variety of nuclear class valve pass appraisal
It is with project of red edge river rely on a project, inc. of valve of Jiangsu magic power and in the 1 billion tile that limited company of wide nucleus engineering develops development jointly press water to pile nucleus of nuclear power plant carapace of 2 class safety keeps apart butterfly a powerful person to pass appraisal. Expert group thinks each function of valve satisfied technology and relative standard requirement, each technology index all achieves international advanced level.
With Qin Shan 2 period extend project is rely on a project, in nucleus revive science and technology of a powerful person is industrial Inc. and in what development of limited company combination develops affiliation of report of nucleus of hill of nuclear group the Qin Dynasty is large nuclear power plant of the caboodle that press water 3 kinds of nucleuses 2 class valve passes one class valve and 4 kinds of nucleuses appraisal. Expert group thinks valve of class of 7 kinds of nucleuses all achieved design requirement, especially one class tall Cv is worth among them nucleus come back the check valve that open type and nucleus the development fill of a powerful person of brake of double flashboard of parallel of type of reed of move of 2 form report home is blank, reach level of foreign congener product.
Come one many year, production business of nuclear report valve parts to be mixed with limited company of group of cable of Chinese Guangdong nucleus the owner unit combination such as limited company of group of Chinese nucleus industry, welcome progress was obtained on the research and development of valve of class of a few crucial nucleuses. The basis is current circumstance of invite public bidding of valve of class of nucleus of project of river of Qin Shan, red edge, combinative valve industry already some ability and outstanding achievement, red edge river 1, 2 aircrew valve is homebred change rate general to achieve 35% the left and right sides; Repass 1 ~ 2 years tackle key problem and research and development, nuclear report valve is made will obtain bigger breakthrough, in red edge river 3, on 4 aircrew homebred change rate hopeful to come true 60% .
2, room of LOCA appraisal test begins to build
In May 2008, push work of appraisal of nuclear class equipment to accelerate, in limited company of academy of technology of cable of division China nucleus begins to construct room of LOCA appraisal test in Nanjing. LOCA accident is road of bout of nuclear power plant of the caboodle that press water bear the refrigerant that presses border to destroy place to cause loses an accident, current, the 17m3LOCA furnace with the biggest international is built at the United States.
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