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Urgent announcement is stationed in embassy Thailand enterprise strengthens safe
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A few days ago, china is stationed in Thailand embassy to allot urgent announcement, remind the China in Thailand the project contracts enterprise, the tight situation that faces Thailand should increase safety to be on guard strength.
China is stationed in Xuan Guoxing of Thailand embassy counsellor to say, since August 26, alliance of Thailand people democracy is started turn over governmental meeting to protest demonstrate activity, the demand appears premier Sha Ma nonofficeholding. Current, proponent of people democracy alliance already forcibly occupational Thailand premier government office and seat of government of government office of Thailand south Pu Ji, still besieged seat of government of Chun Peng government office, demonstrate person heretofore did not withdraw. On September 2 before dawn, demonstrate of alliance of Thailand people democracy person after producing violent conflict with the organization that supports a government, thailand Premier Sha Ma signs a premier to make, announce to implement urgent situation law, establish urgent situation to run committee, announce Bangkok enters urgent state at the same time. Employee of Thailand dock management board goes on strike at undertaking on September 4, bangkok dock already suspended operation at present, all sorts of raw material such as rolled steel of abroad of this will serious obstacle enter Thailand. In the meantime, thailand railroad labour union still suspends countrywide railroad carrying.
Xuan Guoxing says, because Thailand is our country external one of staple market that the project contracts, current, build in company of Thailand company, Chinese harbour Thailand, medium company of Thailand of construction of metallurgy of company of Thailand of water and electricity, China, medium ironwork Cheng head office is stationed in Thailand agency, medium company of Thailand of bureau of conduit of oil natural gas, medium limited company of car Thailand international, Long Guilian, all received the urgent announcement that counsellor is in, industry of the state-owend enterprise in reminding rises safety to be on guard consciousness, adopt necessary safety to be on guard measure, do not near the dangerous area such as ground of rally display one's strength as far as possible. Current, thailand condition still does not have alleviation evidence.

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