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Fresh water river valley confirms rising in price with Asian steelworks negotiat
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Company of river valley of Brazilian fresh water (Vale) confirm 9 days, negotiating in as steely as the Asia manufacturer on arrangements of price of tone iron ore, this already was tycoon of this mining industry raises price the 2nd times this year.
Fresh water river valley says in statement, negotiating iron ore price with client of this company Asia, this one area that fresh water river valley provides consults the price and the price look that its offer to European steely manufacturer agree.
Express according to fresh water river valley, because iron ore character is different, the price that Asian steely manufacturer pays should travel together than Europe low 11 % come 11.5 % .
In the meantime, fresh water river valley also points out, can not ensure the negotiation can bring about iron ore finally to rise in price, if rise in price finally certainly, company income will increase small. Fresh water river valley says, the company is 35.5 billion dollar to the 12 months gross income 8 years June, rise in price will drive income to increase, but amplitude won't exceed 3 % .
This year Feburary, major main and steely manufacturer and a few Europe companies of fresh water river valley and Asia are reached rise in price agreement. The concentrate of Brazilian south system that to Asian iron and steel manufacturer exports (SouthS Ystemfines) rise in price 65 % , kajialasi powdery mine (Carajas) rise in price 71% ; In the meantime, the concentrate of Brazilian south system that to European iron and steel business offers rises 65 % , kajialasi powdery mine rises 66 % .
Kajialasi of powdery mine rise in price because Europe is steely,extent differs is business originally fundamental price is higher, fresh water river valley is trying to solve problem of difference of this one price.
In addition, the price amplitude difference that the freight that fresh water river valley still tries to reach China through reducing Brazil will come to make up for its and Australian mine business 8 years. Since this year May, the freight price that Brazil reachs China already from 108 dollars / ton drop to about 70 dollars / ton.
Need and need develop (BHP Billiton) with force develop (Rio Tinto) in 8 years rise in price extent achieves 85 % , freight keeps basically stable. Because be on situation not as far as Australian apart, chinese steely manufacturer is in normally the expenses on freight cost is relative less.

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