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Ruling of peaceful trade department continues to be collected to Chinese H profi
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According to peaceful " world daily " reported on September 9, office of hall of foreign trade of Thailand trade department grows A Ti beautiful express, dumping market and allowance juror can decide to lengthen the H profiled bar to China to collect oppose dumping tax, tax rate is C.I.F (CIF) 27.81% . At present foreign trade hall is in and collective formulate delays relevant unit suitably to be restricted for a long time, will refer committee to examine again next.
Committee to peaceful spin association at the same time draft resolution made preliminary ruling on October 4, 2007, think to produce the cotton cloth from China and dumping of existence of cloth of polyester colophony fiber formerly. Committee will is opposite possibly Chinese product adopts provisionality to collect in opposing dumping duty, demand, just pay assure of gold answer measure.

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