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Car look forward to aims at market of second line of new upland onslaught
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Recently a few months, east wind day produces the market to sell headquarters deputy headquarters to grow old Bin wave to come the frequency of Chengdu second very close. Because he wants " to supervise operation,this is the east wind day of initiate of " whole world produces Chengdu case group not only, because be in his heart,return, resemble Chengdu such second line market is very important. As the market saturated with each passing day, the city of a gleam of that car city major share holds previously is added fast put delay, let look forward to of a lot of cars experience " chill " , but those who make a person accident and gratified is, the sales volume growth of 23 lines city is swift and violent, send the impetus of colourful Yang Gaozhao. Accordingly, car look forward to people begin to dig 23 lines market to consume latent capacity in succession, let second line market walk along car city scenic in the center of.
Change bureau: Increment of market of a gleam of glides
"Before a few years, beijing is in the portion in countrywide car market is about 7% , and Guangzhou is 12% . Nowadays, portion is in their market to glide ceaselessly, this year first half of the year, beijing has dropped 5% , guangzhou criterion under 10% . "According to coming from Xin Huaxin international information seeks advice from the newest data of the company to show: The car of the city of a gleam of such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou is added fast already began to put delay apparently.
"Cars of these a gleam of sell Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai the city is already saturated, the car sells now advocate battlefield is " of 23 lines city, chief is being accepted related manufacturer of a few cars when interviewing, happen to coincide the ground thinks so. According to statistic of national information center, last year, it is market of 2 class region with Sichuan, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shandong, amplitude of car sales volume is 40% the left and right sides. Of market of 23 class region start formally, become the immanent driving force that car market will increase quickly henceforth.
"Pass big in city to circumjacent radiate, a wide place in the road in passing expands to countryside is the market strategy that car company will adopt generally henceforth. "Relevant controller introduces one steam masses, look from current sale status, 23 lines city has become the sale main force of car market, to car manufacturer, who gripped the market of 23 lines city, who seized the development opportunity with next best phase.
Grab booth: Multibarrel is neat allot market of power second line
Drop in temperature as " of city of car of city of a gleam of " , car look forward to develops the strength of 23 class market to warm up abruptly, sale network becomes among them key. Before this, one steam masses started the masses and Ao Di brand early or late the site layout of 23 lines exhibition hall. And old Bin wave gave out such paradigmatic, "60% what east wind day produces the 4S inn amount in and other places of Guangzhou, Shanghai, Shenzhen to be equivalent to Feng Tian only, but the amount in 23 lines market is far however exceed Feng Tian " .
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