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Course of study of lukewarm city mould intensifies an industry upgrading
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The near future, although be risen in price by float of RMB exchange rate, raw material, labor cost rises, the influence of the adverse element such as global economy slow down, but industry of lukewarm city mould faces a challenge actively, overcome difficulty, accelerate equipment to upgrade, the pace that the product upgrades, increase own innovation strength, make local mould industry still carried dovish development state.
Lin Feng of secretary-general of guild of mould of lukewarm state city says, wen Zhou serves as our country light industrial the main production area of the product, have plastic products, lighter, glasses, lock, razor, make a few kinds of products such as pen, home appliance, they cannot leave the support of the mould, also provided giant market for pattern company at the same time. This city came on stage again 2004 " lukewarm state city is current and first the catalog of directiveness of product of key industry stress of development " , mould industry is included the property that props up mainly. Accordingly, association of mould of lukewarm state city seizes the good opportunity of the market and policy, accelerate industrial dimensions to change pace. Current, wen Zhou what a lot of pattern companies equip as oneself is ceaseless and improved, promote a product class, had laid the view international IT industry. Wen Zhou is built amount to mould factory and Wen Zhou well the technical equipment great majority of electronic company comes from the world such as the United States, Germany and Japan top-ranking equipment supplier, deserve to have at present machine tool of the most advanced software on international, numerical control, measure and detect equipment. Can think Xi Menzi, SamSung offers exact pattern with the world-famous production enterprise such as 3 water chestnut not only, had begun to produce crucial position part for world-famous IT enterprise at the same time, become company of their form a complete set.
"Now if hardware does not follow to go up, can be washed out very quickly, oneself are only powerful, others just can take you seriously. " Lin Feng has feeling greatly. He says, the lukewarm city mould 5 years ago is exhibited, he invites the business of international big card such as the United States, Switzerland, Japan enthusiasticly to come round to look around, but the other side disrelishs Wen Zhou mould class is too low and do not come, "Their managers are self-invited nowadays " .
Increase own innovation, promotion core competition ability also becomes the consensus of lukewarm state company. The lukewarm city Heng Tianmo that establishs by cartel of 5 moulds bibcock has a company, complied with the demand that industrial innovation expands. Current, this company is in the base of industry of cropland of Wu of Ou sea area of mould industry assemble, began collect technology research and development, mould to make, treatment of machine tool of rigid numerical control, talent grooms the project of center of mould numerical control at an organic whole. To found the development platform with new company, this company still established base of experiment of Wen Zhou of key laboratory of mould technology state with collaboration of university of Hua Zhongke ability.
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