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Steel price rises bring about cost of project machine bibcock to increase
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Recently, company of machinery of project of domestic much home is released outstanding achievement is premonitory first half of the year. From already data looks, the gain ability of partial company makes a person anxious, management state alluded project machinery company probably the gain state this year.

Ability of Xu engineering course predicts to realize net profit to make an appointment with first half of the year3010 thousand yuan, be in small interest position;Couplet is weighed in although the division predicts net first half of the year gain rises compared to the same period100%, but this is occupied is to build old partner was bought last year in the company over the foundation of multinomial and high grade asset;Intelligence of the land of country also reduced company profit to forecast. And, these companies happen to coincide the ground rises in price influencing factor end at rolled steel.

In project machine product cost is formed in, rolled steel is the most important raw material. 2007Year medium plate reachs hot-rolling board year all price rises it is respectively24.65%, 8.83%. 2008Year since, steel price appears to rise quickly trend, end5
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