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Nanjing of settle of project of group of electric machinery of wind of million m
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Base of industrialization of research and development of group of electric machinery of wind of million made of baked clay class, production, sale settle Nanjing Jiang Ning is scientific field. This project invests by Inc. of golden wind science and technology. The project is divided period undertake, first phase floor area 18 thousand square metre, have the productivity that produces per year 1000 group of electric machinery of wind of 200 million made of baked clay class, electric machinery. Predict to will be cast in June 2009 postpartum, it is 700 million yuan about when annual produce, the project amounts to postpartum annual produce to be 6 billion yuan about.
The project that golden wind science and technology coulds there be to invest scientificly field in Nanjing river, it is the most important to will become a company 3 big overall manufacturing base and maritime fan and base of product exit production. Regard our country as the wind report with the at present largest scale overall manufacturing company, the company predicted about 7.5 billion yuan to achieve a sale 2008.

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