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South Africa government rolls out new car production and development plan
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Reuter report, south Africa cabinet planned program through a new production recently, aim to make native car output turns over times to 2020.
Production of car of the " that be called and development plan " (English abbreviate is ADPD) plan will replace current automobile industry to develop a plan, a series of incentive measure that roll out car of home of stimulative south Africa to produce business to develop.
Measure includes, import since 2012 truckload custom duty is uniform and unified for 25% , and rise from 2009, construction of plant of governmental general accord and mechanical investment project the finance allowance of 20% .
The car that ADPD plans to be in 50 thousand at least to produce per year a quantity produces business to bring opportunity, they import car component to use pay custom duty no longer, and this plan returns pair of production, groom and research and development offers relevant and incentive measure.
According to the analysis, should plan the tomorrow after become effective 10 years, output of south Africa car will rise to produce per year 1.2 million. The car that be benefited produces Shang Han to build Daimule to run quickly, the masses, BMW, general, day is produced, ford, feng Tian and tower tower.

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