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The tall energy-saving Cheng Zhu that decrease a platoon builds contaminative he
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"Cast the fundamental industry of manufacturing industry of equipment of since of course of study, it is one of important safeguard that revitalize equipment manufacturing industry, it is to pollute the estate with heavy, expensive specific power consumption at the same time. " the 8th China that holds in not long ago casts association annual meeting to go up, china casts association director Gu Chengbing to China cast an industry to give out to compare objective evaluation. He points out, what how push entire industry is energy-saving decrease a platoon, build resource managing, environment is friendly model the enterprise is to be placed in China to cast a before the industry great and urgent task.
Tall pollution of low specific power consumption of output much level is heavy
According to newest data statistic, total output of our country cast already amounted to 28.09 million tons 2006, was many tons 3000 2007, occupy world first place 8 years continuously, occupy the 30% above of whole world gross, the sum that compares the Three Kingdoms of day, beautiful, heart is much still. The world that can say our country already was be worthy of at present casts big country, but far still not be to cast powerful nation, because integral level still is put in very big difference with abroad, the specific power consumption in producing a course reachs the pollution that causes to the environment, in our country manufacturing industry also be bigger in each industry.
Cast association vice-president Huang Tianyou to introduce according to China, our country casts level of whole of course of study to lag behind to basically behave in: Product structure is unreasonable. Common cast (casting pig) the in part that crop took total output almost, high-grade cast is less, some counts an import even. The cast unit price of exit is 800 much dollars on average / ton, the cast unit price of the entrance is 3000 much dollars on average / ton, differ severalfold; Industry measure much, scope is little. According to the statistic of foreign orgnaization, the amount of enterprise of our country cast amounts to 26000, but of cast enterprise year all crop wait for a country under the heart that have a few a hunderd schools only or casts an industry 89 times, beautiful, law, day, Han, meaning, Brazil far. Because our country great majority casts an enterprise not to have economic scale of production, cause equipment standard difference, own innovation ability is weak, tall pollution of specific power consumption is serious.
Huang Tianyou introduced our country to cast the overall condition that industry specific power consumption and litter arrange. At present our country casts the specific power consumption of the industry to occupy the 25%~30% of machinist job total specific power consumption, namely the cast that every produce 1 ton of qualification, want 50 kilograms to discharge dirt about, stere of waste gas 1000~2000, useless arenaceous 1~1.3 ton, waste residue 300 kilograms. Whole cast an industry to discharged contaminant gross to be about 2006: Dust 1.5 million tons, waste gas 100 million stere of 30 billion ~600, abandon arenaceous 30 million tons, waste residue 9 million tons.
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