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Business of day of Han of powerful powerful combination is patulous market of nu
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Japanese Toshiba company and Ishikawa island are sowed worry heavy industry company (heavy industry company produced a bottle of mountain of IHI) and Korea together recently nuclear reactor reachs cooperative agreement. The target of this action is supplying a system at building stable nuclear reactor, the facility of world nuclear power plant that enlarges with each passing day in demand orders goods in hold advantage position.
Toshiba company advocate equipment of the phone that hit a nucleus is boiling water reactor (BWR) . Toshiba company bought tycoon of American nuclear energy 2006 on the west house company (WH) , begin sortie to press water to pile (the production of equipment of PWR) nucleus phone. Although Toshiba company becomes the exclusive lack practice and skill on the world to produce the business of two sort nuclear reactor, but, lack PWR skill however, and on the west although house company has PWR to design development technology, but lack main manufacturing facilities however.
The personage inside course of study points out, toshiba - house combine passes cooperation on the west, fighting hill to Korea while heavy industry company orders PWR reactor and steam generator, also hope to fight hill to weigh labour to offer PWR to manufacture experience and technology, with Toshiba company concern close Ishikawa island is sowed it is OK to worry heavy industry company the help is provided on the production that basically equips in PWR.
According to forecasting, before 2020 the whole world will add about 150 nuclear power plant newly. Toshiba - the plan of house combine is on the west 6 33 PWR, BWR are accepted to add up to before 2015 the equipment of 39 nuclear power plant orders goods, among them, the stable production that PWR basically equips becomes one a lecture given to a large number of students to inscribe.

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