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Machinery industry in the development of high-speed labeling machine
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Premier Wen Jiabao in this year's "Government Work Report" that we should vigorously cultivate a strategic new industries. We should vigorously develop new energy, new materials, environmental protection, biomedicine, information networks and high-end manufacturing industries. Science Xi Wen's report, combined with China's plastics machinery industry practice, so that we more clearly accelerate the development of emerging industries of strategic importance. China's plastics machinery industry and the emerging strategic industries are closely linked. First, the plastic machinery industry are closely linked with the emerging strategic industries At present, China's plastics machinery industry, not only in product yield achieved 9 consecutive years on the world, but also in the technological level and industrial level, etc. have increased dramatically. The plastics machinery and equipment of the production of plastic Products, no longer the traditional plastic pots and plastic drums and other general products, but new industries are closely linked with the strategic high-tech products. For example, in China's large aircraft development, the domestic income of special engineering plastics is expected to Select large aircraft-specific material. Focus on research and development of large injection molding machines and other products, is the high-speed rail motor car, highway, large aircraft, large ships, new energy vehicles, aerospace, marine and other industries supporting special equipment. Foreign Existing biomedical materials, such as human organs, surgical repair, rehabilitation, physical therapy areas of medical care required for special materials, China is also capable of producing plastic machinery and equipment, of which the majority has formed industry, but with the world first Advanced level there are still gaps. Second, the plastic machinery industry is an important part of advanced manufacturing As science and technology, industry-wide scale enterprises in the extensive use of advanced manufacturing technology and advanced equipment, it is also generally adopted the modern management methods and advanced manufacturing mode, so that the traditional industries Major changes have taken place, and achieved good economic and social benefits. Among them, the large enterprise has basically realized the "five" and that is, product design and enterprise information management, intelligent manufacturing processes and manufacturing equipment , The production of green manufacturing processes and products, production of spare parts and product quality standardization, product marketing and after-sales service globalization. At present, China's plastics machinery industry is not only the advanced manufacturing is one important part of , And the industry in the world achieved by the industry to the low-end, high-end transformation, and plays an important role. Third, the development of plastic machinery industry in the direction consistent with scientific and technological revolution Experts predict that the coming technological revolution will be green, smart and sustainable development features. In recent years, China has independently developed a servo-driven injection molding machine, identified by the national quality supervision department, to reduce 80% of energy consumption, saving energy reach the international advanced level. China-made products in the plastic extrusion machine adopts frequency control technology, can reduce energy consumption 20%. If the industry can use the advanced technology, then, in accordance with the The average energy consumption of processing decreased by 35%, the domestic plastic processing machinery products in the plastics and rubber products, the annual energy savings of 15.12 billion degrees, equivalent to built a new Hydroelectric Station, the effectiveness is very significant. In addition, I National Plastic machinery industry also has smart digital, green, and driving factors of large, comprehensive benefits and good features, is in line with the direction of scientific and technological revolution emerging industries. Fourth, the development of plastic machinery industry has broad market prospects This plastic polymer materials, is the second timber, cement, metal structural material after the fourth. Europe, the United States and other developed countries, experts have predicted: The 21st century is the century of plastics. At the same time, they also predicted: China The 21st century the largest market in the plastics industry. China's auto experts have pointed out that with the lightweight vehicle, the direction of environmental protection, the plastic in the automotive industry more and more widely, a plastic of the auto industry Time is coming. National 973 Plan Project of biomedical materials Gu Zhongwei, chief scientist has said, the global medical device market trends can be compared with the vehicle and the information industry, is growing into a branch of the world economy Column sex industry. With the increasing aging population, cardiac pacemakers, intraocular lens, artificial hip, artificial knee implants and other biological materials and the increasing demand, coupled with the trauma treatment also requires a lot of biological materials for device Machinery, thus making a market demand for medical plastics, the development of advanced features and profit potential. Since all plastic machinery plastic shall be subject to the "machine tools," the process in order to shape a variety of plastic products, due to This, plastic machinery industry has broad market prospects. Fifth, the development of plastic machinery industry has a good foundation and advantages After 50 years of development, China's plastics machinery industry, scientific and technological strength, the degree of marketization, internationalization increased significantly, growing production capacity, production has become the world's first large plastic machinery manufacturing Country. Especially after the international financial crises, the whole industry's international competitiveness and risk-resisting ability is enhanced, the capacity of sustainable development is speeding up the upgrade. As the world economic recovery, China Plastic Machinery Industry will become an important economic growth point in the development of a new round accomplish much. To sum up, China has the world's largest plastics machinery industry, the size and a good basis for sustainable development, is China an important part of advanced manufacturing, new industries are closely linked with the strategic, cooperative development, Its products meet the direction of the coming technological revolution, and has broad market prospects.
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