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Many small hospital equipment problems Taiyuan expired X-ray apparatus is not l
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November 18, Taiyuan Bureau of Quality Supervision branch store 76 on the area of large, medium and small hospitals and community service organizations with a strong review in the 330 sets of measuring instruments were all aspects of inspection, some small hospitals, equipment there are many hidden dangers. Law enforcement officers in the construction of the road in a small hospital raid found that the hospital equipment ledger on the only test measuring instruments in use until 2007, the use of X-ray machine and ECG also were not certified by logo stickers. Law enforcement personnel about the use of non-verification of measuring instruments shall order rectification notices issued, requiring the hospital immediately stop using the device without a test, and measurement of the deadline to the city for examination. "The scope of the inspection, including blood pressure, heart EEG, MRI and other medical measuring instruments, are members of the public are often used in medical examination." Law enforcement officials said the inspection revealed many problems, some hospitals X-ray machine , B-machines have been used for over ten years, instability of device performance, long-term with a "sick" work. If you do not follow the cycle test, a number of inaccurate medical measuring instruments are likely to pose a potential hazard to patients. Quality supervision department issued a reminder, all through the test, the test of qualified medical measuring instruments, there is an identity verification certificate and qualification, and medical measuring instruments affixed in a prominent position; patients and medical workers have the right to refuse to use no "qualified identification "The medical measurement apparatus.
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