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Electronic manufacturing industry pays close attention to instruction of interna
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Our country IT was used last year can the total power consumption of the product is 100 billion degrees about, the electricenergy production that is equivalent to 3 gorge power station one year almost. This is vice director of department of carry of former MII classics the data that the green of the 2nd China that Wang Bingke sponsorred by Chinese electron newspaper office a few days ago leaks on production annual meeting. He expresses, electronic Information Industry is energy-saving decrease a platoon to have the necessity that comparative and value, also be the inevitable choice that answers international camp actively at the same time.
Expert attending the meeting introduces, current developed country and area are taller and taller to the requirement of energy-saving environmental protection, environmental trade barrier also has the tendency that grow in intensity, make the influence of the enterprise be deepened increasingly to the Chinese electron that gives priority to with foreign trade, among them instruction of European Union EuP is a most typical.
Nevertheless public figure of industry attending the meeting also points out, the environmental protection index that promotes a product is not the promotion that is pair of production cost, also can realize the double bumper harvest of environmental protection benefit and economic benefits.
Liu Dan of general manager of group of coronal nimble science and technology points out when introductory experience at this point, although increased cost,they should dictate to environmental protection when products plan is made, but the environmental protection measure that waits for link in content shedding saved cost however, both balance did not experience those who answer environmental protection instruction to bring too big impact.

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