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The number is multi-purpose the international safety standard with new avometer
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Voltage kind peak -- a risk that avoids hard
The dispatching system as electric power and load are more and more complex, the possibility that presses too for an instant increased greatly. Motor, capacitance, power transformation implement, frequency control implement waiting for equipment is the mainest aiguille source. The transmission network outdoor suffers be struck by lightning to also can cause maximum pressure of breakneck high energy instant. If you undertake the measurement of power system, high pressure of this kind of instant often sightless, but it exists really, avoid hard, its potential risk is bigger also. These circumstance even if are measured in low pressure in often also can come up against, the instantaneous tension that its produce can amount to thousands of bend over or taller.
New safe standard
Want to avoid the harm that place of instantaneous high pressure brings, safe must thorough number is multi-purpose the list is internal, in other words, it is a number multi-purpose watch interior must have enough safety design. IEC(international Electrotechnical Committee) defined a new international safety standard to check an instrument only. Previously, traditional in very long period of time industry standard is IEC348. This one standard already was replaced by IEC6l010 now. The number that designs according to IECl010 standard expresses his what safe index wants to compare basis IEC348 is a lot of taller.
The number that if you are considering,replaces you is multi-purpose watch, so, might as well before the choose and buy the worst circumstance that spends time of a few minutes to analyse use environment. See which kinds press standard ability to satisfy need too. In choosing a course, had chosen to approach a level above all, be in next same approach target of compression of the choice below the standard too. Do not forget a test to express a pen, IECl010 applies to a test to express a pen at the same time, check those who express a pen to approach target too cannot under the number multi-purpose watch, if prep only by makes at expressing a pen whole press protection to design fail to build a mound for want of one final basket of earth-fall short of success for lack of a final effort too, that will the loss outweights the gain.
What understanding is rated and safe voltage
The test process of IEC61010 includes 3 main likelihood element: Stabilize voltage, peak value presses source impedance too, these 3 elements consider integratedly to reach the rated and safe voltage with true avometer is worth.
High pressure of instant of working voltage peak value checks resistor
Press classification too (right dc or communication virtual value) (repeat 20 times) (V/A of Ω = Ω )
Source of Ω of a kind of 600V 2500V 30
Source of Ω of a kind of 1000V 4000V 30
Source of Ω of 2 kinds of 600V 4000V 12
Source of Ω of 2 kinds of 1000V 6000V 12
Source of Ω of 3 kinds of 600V 6000V 2
Source of Ω of 3 kinds of 1000V 8000V 2

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