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Near future of industry of domestic car bearing has brigadier of 9 new bid to ca
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Learn from concerned branch, near future of industry of domestic car bearing has 9 (include to edit reach make) new standard is about to carry out.
As the rapid development of domestic automobile industry, new technology, new product emerges in endlessly, the car develops to enter digitlization quickly also from mechanical with bearing industry product. The product breed in the market, portion and enclothe a face to expand quickly, the pure product entrance of industry of Che Yongyi watch from in the past turns into product exit. In the meantime, the product that directive industry develops standardized the job to get be perfectinged further, concerned unit edited in the round the occupation standard that incommensurate industry develops, complement made an industry be short of break a level. The near future has a state compulsive standard is in international announcement period, 8 occupation standard are about to carry out.

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