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Korea issues the safe standard of 9 kinds of products that belong to safety of p
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On March 12, 2008, korea technology Bureau of Standards (the safe standard that KATS) issued 9 kinds of products that belong to safety of proper motion management, involved product has: The hand shakes machine of mechanical water ice, portable refrigeration / heat shoes of container, shopping barrow, ski, ski and other ski appliance, bicycle, make water not wet, mattess and portable ladder.
- use machine of mechanical water ice about the hand, will delete reduplicative sentence, and will modify number way accordingly; - about portable refrigeration / add hot container, set the diametical range of the bravery inside container clearly. Additional, diametical unit will edit, in order to accord with international system of unit (SI) ; - will repair barrow of the content that order, mattess, portable ladder, and the bicycle edits the error that go up in safe level; - ISO 10958-2 uses the safe level that serves as ski; - to agree with photograph of international standard ISO 8364, will edit the safe level of ski shoes and other ski appliance; - the clause 3.1.4 (the definition that make water fills up) in raising the safe level with not wet make water.

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