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Beijing discharges boiler of executive coal fired new standard
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The Beijing that releases according to editing on September 1, 2007 " boiler air pollution discharges a standard " requirement, beijing is using coal fired boiler to will discharge a standard at new Ⅱ period of time is being practiced since July 1 this year (Ⅱ period of time is aimed at used boiler builds since January 1, 2001) .
Understand relevant provision to make coal fired boiler runs an unit, ensure content of boiler air pollution amounts to mark to discharge during the Olympic Games, bureau of Beijing environmental protection runs unit and bureau of environmental protection of relevant area county all the year round at calling together boiler of entire town coal fired recently, held during strengthening an Olympic Games, boiler superintends working conference.
On the meeting, bureau of Beijing environmental protection refers with respect to the executive problem of new standard analyse. Amount to mark to ensure coal fired boiler is discharged during the Olympic Games, ask boiler of each coal fired uses an unit to organize study new standard seriously, accelerate use cleanness the sources of energy or transform environmental protection to handle installation; Use low sulfur coal, boiler operation plan and environmental protection will be reached to transform a circumstance to report city, area on time during the Olympic Games branch of two class environmental protection; During strengthening an Olympic Games further, remove dust to desulphurization the maintenance of establishment manages, had made each moving record, ensure contaminant is discharged reach new level.
Concerned unit chief expresses, increase administrative strength certainly, take step actively, had done convert clean the sources of energy or boiler to decoke remove dust establishment transforms the job, ensure contaminant amounts to mark to discharge during the Olympic Games. It is reported, beijing, area two class environment executes the law the branch will be in the censorial monitoring strength that around increased pair of coal fired boiler on July 1, carry out punishment lawfully to exceeding sign unit.

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