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National hair changes appoint approve occupation standard of a few hard alloy
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The country develops innovation appoint approval " carpentry hard alloy sells Kong Zuan " wait for 243 occupation standard (standard number, name reachs initial executive date to see accessory) , among them rigid occupation standard 93, light industrial occupation standard 44, black metallurgy occupation standard 22, nonferrous metal occupation standard 68, spin occupation standard 16, grant to announce now.
Above machinery occupation standard is versed in by machinery trade publishing house is published, light industrial occupation standard is published by press of Chinese light industry, black metallurgy occupation standard is published by metallurgical industry press, nonferrous metal and spin occupation standard are published by Chinese standard press.
Among them a few standards related hard alloy are as follows:

Standard number Standard name Replace a standard Executive date
JB/T 10849-2008 Carpentry hard alloy sells Kong Zuan 2008-09-01
YS/T 673-2008 Reductive cobalt pink 2008-09-01
YS/T 508-2008 Method of capacity of EDTA of method of tungsten alloy chemical analysis determines molybdenum quantity YS/T 508-2006 2008-09

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