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Imprint machine occupation standard is made edit highlight concept of energy-sav
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The country develops innovation appoint released recently " the announcement that about print and distribute 2008 occupation standard plan " , among them 13 standards are standard of printing machine weapon. The reporter was interviewed at this point imprint the technology of engine level puts in printing machine of buccal unit whole nation 's charge committee of instrument standardization technology, understanding imprints to these machine of occupation standard make will highlight concept of energy-saving environmental protection. Committee of technology of standardization of countrywide printing machine instrument will be made from what second half of the year begins these standards stage by stage this year edit the job, predict to be finished in year next year.
The staff member of committee of instrument standardization technology tells countrywide printing machine the reporter, should make castigatory this year these 13 standards are product standard, among them 9 make 4 edit. New what the product standard that establish involves is the product with rapidder rate of the development in the industry, and involve the sources of energy and environmental protection extensively. With " machine of loop of refrigeration of fluid of alcohol embellish edition " for exemple, since the relief printing of our country convention is pressworked to be replaced stage by stage by offset press oneself, pressworking edition of embellish of the alcohol on craft is being used extensively, presswork the effect had very big rise. Now in the market, variety of all sorts of aircraft of alcohol embellish edition of design of domestic proper motion, production are more, but still do not have occupation standard. To have a level but abide and the quality that assure a machine, put forward formulate especially this standard, order of market of standard of in order to, protect the interest of the user, satisfy industry development and the requirement that the market grows. Its are main technical content will involve: Refrigerating capacity, power consumption, energy-saving reduce the respect such as the platoon, of alcohol detect automatically, complement automatically and show, of embellish edition fluid detect automatically, be compensated automatically and show, overall full automatic control.
The project origin of occupation standard that establish and before some are different, standard of one part product that establish originate of the cent technology committee of committee of technology of standardization of countrywide printing machine instrument and working group appear in the newspaper. Be like " machine of solid of light of UV of printing machine instrument " , " printing machine of glass of printing machine instrument " , " printing machine instrument stretchs tight net machine " , " spreader of silk screen of printing machine instrument " by countrywide printing machine instrument standardizes technical committee silk screen, " odd piece of paper is continuous control paper machine automatically " , " machine of loop of refrigeration of fluid of alcohol embellish edition " wait for a standard to be declared by working group of form a complete set.
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