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Level of clean water engine begins to draft market hopeful to get depurative
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" machine of reverse osmosis clean water " and " clean water of film exceeding filter implement " national level already was started recently establish a program. The expert points out, of the standard publish industry of machine of will clean to the standard water it is order, important to purify the market to rise action.
The investigation of general situation of market of product of clean water machine that releases according to Hui Cong shows, clean water machine the manufacturer is given priority to with medium and small businesses, among them the company number under 100 people is not little, in the meantime, there are a few a few famous brands only on the market, and concentration is spent not tall, major product out medium and small businesses. Market of machine of clean water of sufficient specification our country returns this one findings performing " a large number of heroes chases the deer-fight for the throne " , have not reach mature level.
Nowadays, all sorts of water home appliance played clean water function, name each are not identical, machine of machine of such as soft water, clean water machine, pure water machine, filter, straight drink is waited a moment, but consumer is not quite clear its are having what kind of distinction after all. According to introducing, straight drink machine, soft water machine, pure water machine and clean water machine can rise to remove the effect of scale, because their fundamental is to use a few adsorptive material to perhaps filter magnesium of the calcium carbonate in material purify water, carbonic acid mineral, achieve the result of the hardness that reduces water. But long-term since, because relative standard is lacked, product the good and bad are intermingled, often let consumer feel water of a mist.
From beautiful respect understanding arrives, " machine of reverse osmosis clean water " and " clean water of film exceeding filter implement " national level already arranged De Qi to move in Guangdong recently establish a program. The equipment of clear lake clean water with the United States creates mark brigadier general limited company regards a group leader as the unit, hopeful is in the end of the year is finished this year draft and release. Equipment of beautiful clear lake clean water makes Cao Gang of limited company general manager express, because clean water equipment is direct the body and mind that affects customer is healthy, metric system considers the focal point the ford index of wholesome index, crucial component and after service to wait surely, in order to ensure the rights and interests of consumer.
Arrange heart standard and Liu Jie of encode institute director to point out, this standard can let company production give high grade product not only, more order of can normative industry, eliminate unfair competition, lead an industry orderly development. Countrywide food machines machinery to standardize Zhang Weimin of technical committee secretary-general to think, health waters the problem covered more and more area, ask to want to the occupation standard of clean water machine so taller, the aux will be able to of level of clean water engine of high level, strict requirement is farther normative market, drive clean water machine to be in of urban family gain ground, water for what people creates healthy security environment.
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