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Installation of TV of our country flat and brigadier of maintenance service mark
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"Installation of TV of our country flat and maintenance service will have first technology level. " a few days ago, chinese home appliance maintains association vice-chairman Guo Chibing to divulge, " installation of indication television of family expenses flat and standard of maintenance service technology " (the following abbreviation " technical standard " ) occupation standard already signed up for send Department of Commerce, near future hopeful comes on stage. The frame content of occupation standard includes: The program of program of installation and requirement of maintenance service technology, installation, care and maintenance, technology safeguard that repairs program, major, quality is superintended examine to wait for concerned content with evaluation.
Since flat TV comes out, the problem after its make work wide all the time suffer bad-mouth, a variety of chaos complain a quantity like what bring leap and worry are increasingly serious. Roll out a service severally in the enterprise outside the standard, each also just begin exert oneself to search an outlet for flat TV maintenance.
On December 1, 2005, " controversy of consumption of television of Shanghai field plasma, liquid crystal solves temporary measure " carry out formally. Every buys the customer of flat TV in Shanghai, will enjoy these products " 3 packets " after service safeguard. Of TV of specific requirement plasma, liquid crystal " 3 packets " period of efficacy is 1 year, main part (include to show signal of screen, number collect of circuit of processing board, IC is agglomerate etc, the each company explanation to this is endless also and same) " 3 packets " period of efficacy is 2 years, daily allowance for depreciation is 0.15% . The consumer preference inside the period of efficacy after stipulating TV of plasma, liquid crystal is making work clearly still at the same time removes goods, exchange goods or repaired corresponding right.
Subsequently, nanjing city home appliance maintains association also in Feburary 2006 the bottom published flat TV " 3 packets " method.
Regard an industry as the organization, chinese electron is inspected released last year like guild " flat TV after service carries out an opinion " , formulary flat TV is overall the bag repairs 1 year, the main part package that includes to display screen inside repairs 2 years; In addition, still stipulate the quality when plasma and liquid crystal TV appears when the problem, 7 the bag is retreated in the day, 15 the bag is changed in the day etc.
Guo Chibing says, the regulation that with the service when afore-mentioned standards basically are aimed at a sale acceptance has is different, " technical standard " maintain quality and maintenance expiration period to wait to flat TV had limit. For instance the maintenance time of the product, fractionize is the defer of the defer that runs a side, defer on the technology and logistics respect. After the defer that runs a side basically shows consumer newspaper is repaired, the time that the company goes down task allocation; The defer on the technology basically is the time that the place of auxiliary technology activity that shows with the product maintenance activity itself is concerned uses; Logistics defer is the time that to obtain the maintenance of need resource place bad news uses. Additional, be aimed at the expiration period that maintains a service, " technical standard " according to changing the different circumstance such as the service life of the new old level of the spare parts, product had limit.
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