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Mandatory standard of effect of function of air conditioning of much couplet typ
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Predict two years but section report 200 million kilowatt hour
From China standardization academy learns, aircrew of air conditioning of type of a when will carry out at rising on September 1 this year many couplet can effect is mandatory national level is expected to obtain remarkable result in the section report, respect that decrease a platoon, predict 2010 but report of accumulative total section 200 million kilowatt hour, reduce carbon dioxide to discharge 130 thousand tons.
This standard namely " air conditioning of much couplet type (hot pump) aircrew can effect demarcate value and energy efficiency grade " (GB 21454-2008) . This standard already was mixed by total bureau of national qualitative check national level appoint on Feburary 18, 2008 approval is released, it is to already released 46 with " energy-saving law " one of the national level of form a complete set main terminal is used can product state level.
According to Chinese standardization academy senior engineer Cheng Jianhong introduces, the application that air-conditioner of much couplet type is in our country is wider and wider already, choice of very much common and civil residence is much more online regard a family as central air conditioning. A lot of business are in with the building after executing divisional control to design, much more online with its installation goes to the lavatory, run time is flexible, maintenance-free and energy-saving below operating mode of partial building bear sex are good wait for a characteristic to be built morely to develop business and building designing institute to choose. According to statistic, 2007, much more online sale takes our country about small-sized 35% of total sales of product of central air conditioning, the market is in ascendant phase, competition is progressively aggravate.
As we have learned, this mark brigadier is much more online of the product can effect level is divided into 5 grade, among them of 1 form product can effect level is top, 2 class are the least value that reachs energy-saving attestation place to allow namely energy-saving evaluation value, 3, what 4 grade represented many online product of our country is average can effect level, the doorsill that 5 class are admittance of the market after the standard is carried out namely can effect demarcate value. In the meantime, the standard is specific still 3 class can effect level regards lead function effect as index, the executive time of this index is 2011, at the appointed time, in the standard 4, 5 class can the product of effect level will be washed out.
This standard is China our country of standardization academy organization is main the expert scholar of orgnaization of company of production of air conditioning of much couplet type, scientific research and institution of higher learing considers to make jointly. According to the index of our country's current market current situation and new standard, predict to 2010 n of accumulative total section can amount to 200 million kilowatt hour, accumulative total reduces carbon dioxide discharge capacity to be able to amount to 130 thousand tons; To 2016 n of accumulative total section can exceed 650 million kilowatt hour, accumulative total reduces carbon dioxide to discharge nearly 500 thousand tons.
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