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European Union committee offers new rule of formulate automobile safety
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European Union committee offerred on May 23, to 2012, country of European Union member is all new appear on the market the model must deploy an electron to stabilize the safe system such as control system, in order to reduce traffic accident, reduce carbon dioxide to discharge an amount at the same time.
Offer according to this, all new fund cars must install an electron to stabilize control system before 2012.
Stable control system can be in the electron when the driver loses control to car, produce power of apply the brake automatically to the wheel, in order to make car keeps stable, avoid out of control. Test data makes clear, install this kind of system to be able to reduce the traffic accident of 20% , be in especially muddy go up with frozen road surface.
European Union committee still offers, european churchyard is all new car must install low resistance tire and tyre pressure supervisory and control arrangement before 2012, aim to discharge car oily bad news and carbon dioxide the quantity to reduce about 5% .
European Union committee says, install these safe systems to be able to make every new car average cost rises 300 euro (add up to 471 dollars about) , but the fuel expenses enough that because this is economic,comes down offsets this one price rises.
European Union since 2001 average and annual because traffic accident dies about 40 thousand person, additionally 100 much people get hurt. Car out of control is considered as traffic accident main reason. European Union committee says, consider to discover, electronic stability controls the safety precaution hopeful such as the system to save 5000 life life every year.
The offerring of new rule of safety of automobile of formulate of European Union committee needs to obtain an European Union the support of all member country and European parliament.

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