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Gas water heater is lighted to must be stuck since June 1, 2008 can effect marks
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Water heater burning gas can effect label job is started formally recently. Since June 1, 2008, water heater burning gas also wants and freezer, air conditioning is same, must affix can sale of effect label ability.
According to the country can effect standard, of water heater burning gas can effect grade cent is 3 class, among them 1 class can effect is highest, thermal efficiency is worth not under 96% , 2 class thermal efficiency is worth not under 88% , 3 class not under 84% . According to the requirement of relevant section, since June 1, 2008, every under can the water heater burning gas of 3 class will not get effect order and degree production, sale and entrance.
China standardizes an academy can Wang Rehong of vice director of effect label management center introduces, at present our country lights gas water heater year sale dimensions is controlled in 6 million, what be energy-saving effect deviation for the most part among them is medium low end product. Of new provision carry out, the small company that will make ability of low, research and development needs capability of a few technologies loses competitive dominant position, achieve the goal that the industry shuffles.

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