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Standard of first solar battery of our country comes on stage
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A few days ago, occupation standard of first solar energy of domestic is using glass to standardize technical committee organization to hold by countrywide building " solar cell glass (common calls solar energy glass) occupation standard " examine obtain on the conference through.
This standard examines by Chinese housing materials attestation center is drafted. The solar cell glass that says in the standard is to show those who be used at cover of crystal silicon solar cell is tall projectile than glass. As we have learned, solar cell glass can consult without corresponding international standard at present, the industry standard that domestic and international relevant enterprise establishs by oneself commonly also is to be used at producing control or receiving inspection merely. Because do not have uniform standard, the development of industry of solar cell glass and standard are restricted badly.
This standard puts forward, solar cell glass contains iron quantity to must not be more than 0. 015 % , visible light transmission is compared be more than or be equal to 91. 5 % (amount to makes an appointment with 3mm standard ply) , direct transmission compares sun's rays to be more than or be equal to 91. 0 % (ply of standard of amount to 3mm) .
The expert that attends the meeting thinks, the occupation standard that adopts this is more rigidder than foreign relevant occupation standard more professional, the purpose depends on those who adopt a standard carrying out, achieve the effect of promotion product level, business management level and industry technology progress. Of this standard make, will become relevant enterprise to have quality control and examining important basis, to driving glass of our country solar energy industrial development will have positive effect.
Concerned expert expresses, when the condition is mature, this occupation standard will seek promotion to arrive more expensive platform, strive to make national standard.

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