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7 occupation standard carry out sewing machine since 8 years March
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A few days ago, the country develops innovation appoint approved " annulus catenary is dynamoelectric calabash " wait for 290 occupation standard, among them rigid occupation standard 128, light industrial occupation standard 56, occupation standard of oil natural gas 106, grant to announce now. Make castigatory occupation standard of 7 tailor machinery will be carried out formally on March 1, 2008.
Above machinery occupation standard is published by machinist trade publishing house, light industrial occupation standard is published by press of Chinese light industry, occupation standard of oil natural gas is published by oil industry press.
Number of sewing machine occupation standard, name reachs initial executive date
Name of level of number of serial number level replaces a standard to carry out date
137QB/T1177-2007 is industrial the test method QB/T1177-19912008-03-01 of level of sewing machine noise
154QB/T2044-2007 is industrial type of sewing machine platform stretchs tight seam QB/T2044-19942008-03-01 of sewing machine nose
158QB/T2380-2007 is industrial high speed of control of sewing machine computer is smooth seam sewing machine QB/T2380-19982008-03-01
160QB/T2626.2-2007 is industrial the current technology condition of sewing machine pin plate the 2nd part: 2008-03-01 of pin plate of sewing machine of high speed whipstitch
164QB/T2875-2007 is industrial sewing machine consolidate seams 2008-03-01 of sewing machine nose
165QB/T2876-2007 is industrial mark of line of sewing machine chain nails 2008-03-01 of nose of button sewing machine
166QB/T2877-2007 is industrial the experiment method 2008-03-01 that sewing machine seams large capacity

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